Pembrokeshire Climbing Club - Code of conduct

Pembrokeshire Climbing Clubs Code of Conduct

1. All members to respect each other, equipment and the Club.

2. All belaying to be carried out in a safe manner.

3. Treat all equipment with respect (e.g. don’t walk on ropes, drop helmets etc.) ensure all equipment is returned to the owner and help to tidy up after each session

4. Club equipment is for the use of new members at the PAC climbing wall only, if you join up you are expected to provide your own equipment within a reasonable amount of time.

5. When climbing outside the following crag etiquette must be observed, thus ensuring the future of our access:

-Not ideal to bring a dog, if you do, keep them on a lead, away from the cliff edge and people’s gear.

-Always follow the Countryside Code.

-The cliff edge is not a safe place for children so please don’t leave them unattended.

-Do not disturb any wildlife - it’s their home!

-Take all rubbish home with you - leave no trace.

-Take care - do not disturb loose rocks on cliff tops.

-Be considerate of other climbers.

-If you’re not sure of a route, read the guidebook and ask others.

-Be aware of climbing restrictions – do not climb where there are nesting birds. Check the Regional Access Database on the BMC website and the advice distributed by Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority.

-If you plan on leading a route during our sessions, make sure you know how to place gear and how to set up a belay before you climb. Take advice from an experienced member or go on a leading course offered by a professional - it will be too late once you have started. Leading is very different to seconding, it can be extremely dangerous.

6. Always park considerately at all of our meets, including the inside ones, access is an issue everywhere.